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What if everything was possible?

What if even for a few minutes you could believe that everything and absolutely everything is possible? And I don’t mean something complex as the world peace or ending climate change but in your life, in your wild dreams. If you could believe that anything wonderful can happen with your life, what would be your biggest and highest wish? And how would achieving that make you feel?

And if you could imagine yourself there, living the dream, what would be the last steps or things you did just before getting there? And before that? And maybe even before that? What could make the bridge between the moment where you are now and your wildest dream? Does it seem less wild and more achievable if you think of the steps you took to get there? Are there small things you could already do that could help taking you there?

And if you talk about these wishes with the closest people you have, will you find support or doubt? This might be a nice way to also observe if you are surrounded by the right people that can empower you or not.

All of the biggest changes in my life started with an idea that initially sounded crazy or not possible, now looking back i’m happy to have believed and fought for my crazy wishes, and i feel lucky for having an empowering husband who always believes in me no matter what. My initially crazy ideas have actually led me where i am today and into helping people in the way i most love

Wishing you all the achieving of your wildest and crazy dreams! ️

- Daniela

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