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Being able to commit to yourself

Are you able to commit to yourself? Are you able to take steps on this commitment?

Over the years i have found that the people who progress the quicker on their recovery process are the ones with the strongest commitment to themselves, and the lower the moment the higher the potential to take new levels of commitment towards feeling good again. I have witnessed how sometimes the lowest and the worst emotional states carry this enormous potential of surrendering to whatever we are feeling, because there’s just nothing else possible to do, and when this surrendering happens something beautiful succeds, and new commitments towards the most important person in our lifes can be taken, the person to whom you are already committed, which is you, the one you ought to take care of, nurture and put up 24/7... so i would say that’s a relationship worth watering, seeding, nurturing and giving attention

What commitment towards yourself could you make today? Sometimes the simpler the better, maybe taking a pause 5/10 minutes a day to just focus on breathing? Maybe to cut out from your diet something you know it’s not good for you? Maybe adding something healthy?

We are all phoenixes being reborn all the time, after every challenge life throws our way, today’s is just the perfect day to take on a new commitment, something you choose to do for your own good, knowing you are the most important person in your life.

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