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 The right mindset can help you achieve pregnancy quicker.


The Purpose of this Session:

- Increase the chances of becoming pregnant.

- Build up the thrust in your body.

- Heal both body and mind.

- Soften the emotional ups and downs related to the menstrual cycle.



The Session:

- Small introduction with a safe space for sharing personal experiences if wanted.

- Light touch massage to help you to (re)connect with your own body in a deep harmonious way.

- Hypnotherapy and Healing Visualization, to improve fertility, discover possible inner reasons for the challenges on becoming pregnant and build self-belief in yourself and in your body.

Instant Benefits

- Visualization can help put your mind on your side, relaxing you and easing the mental process and the ups and downs that often come with this journey.

- The light touch massage can help you to reconnect with your own body in a deep harmonious way.

- Being in a group with women going through the same is an unique opportunity for you to find extra support and feel that you’re not alone on this journey.


Supportive circles for fertility

Fertility Sessions

Once every month

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