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What is Hypnotherapy?

Modern Hypnotherapy consists of guiding someone into a light trance, similar to when you are about to fall asleep or about to wake up. This light trance allows your rational mind to relax in order for you to access your subconscious mind, the mind who controls our memories, behaviors and physiological processes but also the intuitive mind.

By accessing this part of your subconscious it is possible to both retrieve insights and wisdom but also to seed more positive thoughts in order to change behaviors and achieve what we wish to achieve. Based on the principle that we're not affected by the experiences itself but by our own interpretation of what happened, the Hypnotherapy can explore the real cause of a problem and help reinterpret and reprogram how we perceived it by creating new neuronal circuits.

Besides this, the process of entering a light trance is in itself a very relaxing one, releasing stress and helping you restore a more balanced mental health, leading into a more balanced and happy life.

How it Works

The session will start with an intake to assess what the patient wishes to achieve and possible underlying issues. Then the patient is invited to lay down on a comfortable safe way and guided through an exercise of both physical and mental relaxation. This will allow the healing part of the visualization to be optimized. The visualization can be both suggested by the Hypnotherapist or spontaneously observed by the patient.


This healing mental exercise can consist of one of three aspects, whether a journey into past memories, to resolve traumas or any issues that may have its origin in the past. A journey into the future, this process can help the patient to discover what they really want for themselves or help to build a more positive view of the future helping the subconscious to assist him/her achieving it. The imaging can also be a Creative one, this is also a very healing process, in which the person can see herself/himself on a healing room, inner pharmacy, sacred temple, meet a Spiritual guide or another of the vast possibilities that this aspect of Hypnotherapy allows.


First session (90 min) - 130€ 

Following treatments (60 min) - 110€

Integrated Hypnotherapy with Acupuncture - 120€

Online Appointments - 100€

Couple Session - 150€

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