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Becoming pregnant should be one of the most natural processes within a couple, unfortunately many times it comes with struggles and challenges. Often you hear that you just need to let go, or that when you let go and give up suddenly pregnancy happens, unfortunately we don’t have a magical button to allow this release to happen automatically, these sessions will help you discover the smoother path in this journey and explore your inner resources while empowering yourself as well as letting go.

With Hypnotherapy you can help build your the thrust in your body, restore a harmonious connection with your womb and discover possible inner reasons that might be holding you back from becoming pregnant. 

These sessions happen in one-on-one setting, within a group sessions.

With our busy schedules today, there’s an underlying unconscious stress that causes our bodies to be in “fight or flight” mode, when our sympathetic nervous system is dominant to give us stamina in stressful situations and to help that all body functions are directed to muscles that helps us escape rather than the vital organs that keep our bodies functioning and that assist conception, this is also called the Polar Bear affect, as when in this constant stress your brain responds as if you’ve encountered a polar bear from which you need to run as fast as you can, while this would an important purpose, had we been exposed to a severe immediate danger but what happens when we experience it for prolonged periods of time? Our body becomes out of balance, and the parts of us not critical for survival, such as the reproductive system, receive less energy. Reproduction is placed on hold until our senses indicate our environment is ‘safe’ again to create a baby. You can imagine how this works against us!


Hypnotherapy can very effectively switch this flight or fight status to a relaxed one in which the parasympathetic nervous system is activated setting your body in self-balancing mode, enhancing once again the reproductive organs to function at their healthiest again as well as potentiating the power of your mind towards your goal, releasing any blocking subconscious/underlying factors.


Hypnotherapy supports you in reaching your healthiest, best self by healing and balancing all the beautiful and important parts of you. You also begin to have greater awareness of your intuition and the ‘answers’ to difficult questions you once searched for. You will be amazed to find all you are capable of when your mind and body are working as one.

When things don't go the expected way:


Luckily most pregnancies end with the parents meeting their healthy baby, unfortunately there are cases in which this is not how the process ends, we know now that It isn’t possible to become pregnant after a miscarriage if there’s any kind of placenta retention from the previous pregnancy, and this is just as true for the emotional aspect of this loss. If there is still a strong sadness and grieve from a previous story there isn’t emotional space for a healthy happy pregnancy to take place.


When the grieving process doesn’t happen properly all of the anxiety and negativity will be carried into the next pregnancy making every check-up a source of unnecessary anxiety and every little sign a reason to worry. If you can related to this, i am here for you and i am here to help you. Hypnotherapy can help you with the natural grieving process so that emotional and mental space can be created for a healthy pregnancy afterwards, and a sense of thrust and positivity can be restored.

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Visualization and Meditation can help to put your mind on your side, relaxing you and easing the mental process and the ups and downs that often come with this journey.

The answers you seek and path to your goal are already inside you. Watch what unfolds as you empower yourself from within!

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First session (90 min) - 130€ 

Following treatments (60 min) - 110€

Integrated Hypnotherapy with Acupuncture - 120€

Online Appointments - 100€

Couple Session - 150€

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