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A calmer birth and pregnancy leads to a calmer happier mother and baby.

Hypno Birth consists of making use of the Hypnotherapy technics in order to help manage anxiety, fear and pain before and during birth in order to create a better, smoother experience while giving birth, both physically as well as emotionally.

These sessions happen in a one-on-one setting, and during these sessions you will get a chance to discuss your fears, learn breathing technics and have a unique tailor-made session to prepare you for the birth of your baby. You will also receive a personalized audio with a meditation and affirmations based on what you need.


What are the benefits from using this technic to prepare for birth?

- Easier and smoother labor

- Quicker recovery after birth

- Benefits for the breastfeeding, a smoother birth and a calm mom will benefit the lactation.

- Feeling empowered and in control during birth will lead you to have less chances for postpartum depression.


What are the benefits for the mother?

- Feeling and being more relaxed before and during birth

- Decrease the fear and anxiety associated with giving birth.

- Decrease of pain levels during and after birth.

- Feeling that you are the one helping the process happen rather than having it happen to you.

How can Hypnotherapy help you during Pregnancy

      Pregnancy will undoubtedly be one of the most special periods of your life, your baby will grow in close relation with your feelings and your general state of being. It is very natural to find yourself more emotional, with more fears and worries during pregnancy. Worrying is part of motherhood, and it is also thanks to emotions such as fear that we as a species were able to thrive, because our ancient mothers made sure we were kept safe. However it's important to observe if these stress levels are overpowering or causing you pain and holding you back from having a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy, it might be good so seek help.


     We know that cortisol can have a very negative influence during the pregnancy constricting blood vessels leading to poorer blood supply to the baby and affecting both the baby growth and even the shape of their brain development. It has also been observed that mothers who are under lots of stress during pregnancy have higher risk of health problems such as high blood pressure, having pre-term babies, babies with low birth weight or a more difficult birthing process and postpartum depression. Babies also tend to cry more when exposed to stress during their fetal period. If you feel like you might be experiencing stress or anxiety this is a good time to come for a Hypnotherapy session, this technique will help you develop inner resources, relax and find peace as well as promote a healthy and strong bond with your baby.

    A recent study has shown that Hypnotherapy can effectively improve the heart rate from mother and baby having a very positive influence in decreasing the levels of stress and anxiety. 

When should you come for a Hypnotherapy Session during pregnancy?

- Anxiety during pregnancy if you're experiencing serious stress and anxiety about pregnancy. If you worry constantly about pregnancy loss, the health of your baby or about birth or becoming a parent. 

- If you already have a history of anxiety, depression or panick attacks. 

- If you experienced miscarriages in the past and you feel you haven't fully overcome the sorrow, pain or trauma from that previous experience.

- If you've had a burn-out recently.

Indications of Hypnotherapy During Pregnancy


- Wanting to relax and have a healthier pregnancy

- Feeling overwhelmed in general

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Stress

- Preparing for birth

- Difficulty bonding with your baby (both pregnancy and after pregnancy)

- Miscarriages/loss

- Relationship problems with your partner

- Insecurity and panicking feelings

When things don't go the expected way:


    Luckily most pregnancies end with the parents meeting their healthy baby, unfortunately there are cases in which this is not how the process ends, we know now that It isn’t possible to become pregnant after a miscarriage if there’s any kind of placenta retention from the previous pregnancy, and this is just as true for the emotional aspect of this loss. If there is still a strong sadness and grieve from a previous story there isn’t emotional space for a healthy happy pregnancy to take place.


    When the grieving process doesn’t happen properly all of the anxiety and negativity will be carried into the next pregnancy making every check-up a source of overpowering anxiety and every little sign a reason to worry. If you can related to this, i am here for you and i am here to help you. Hypnotherapy can help you with the natural grieving process so that emotional and mental space can be created for a healthy pregnancy afterwards, and a sense of thrust and positivity can be restored.


When we can no longer change a situation we are forced to change ourselves.

Jew proverb


First session (90 min) - 130€ 

Following treatments (60 min) - 110€

Integrated Hypnotherapy with Acupuncture - 120€

Online Appointments - 100€

Couples Session - 150€

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